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Practical Carbon reductions and benefits

Businesses today face more than the usual competitive and market driven challenges of the past, with growing concerns about issues surrounding climate change and the environment. The greening of a company’s or organisation’s operations should now be on top of the Executive agenda.

Carbon management, energy efficiencies, regulatory compliance & risk, new sources of energy supply are all challenges that should no longer be the sole concern of middle management and the technical experts. This is where we come in...

GreenCarbonLite assists companies and organisations, across a wide range of sectors, to tackle these challenges, not only saving costs but allowing them to exploit new business opportunities. We help our clients make business sense from the complexities of these environmental challenges and give them a positional advantage, with benefits to their performance, customers and staff.

We do this by uniquely combining business needs with the requirements of a low carbon agenda, providing practical solutions and operational benefits.


Challenges for Carbon Management and Energy optimisation

How do you reap the benefits of reducing energy needs whilst simultaneously setting out concrete carbon reduction plans in an ever changing landscape and with growing regulatory pressures?

Profit erosion, reputation risk, employee retention & recruitment, compliance & risk mitigation, climate concerns, social responsibilities...challenges that need time, effort and resources. Have you managed to address these?

How do you avoid lip service or “greenwash” with your carbon management and energy optimisation strategy and plans? Are these fully integrated into your processes and systems, backed up by accountable responsibilities?

Can you afford to wait for the regulators and legislation, playing follower or do you have the expertise and experience to become a leader?

The challenges are difficult and the winners are those whose performance is aligned to their green strategy and carbon reduction plans, who manage to exploit opportunities and enhance their brand, thus gaining the optimal competitive positioning in a greening future.

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What sets us apart – our unique added-value?

Our clients practical experience and concrete benefits. We help sort through the complexities surrounding the environmental challenges you face and deliver value in every assignment we undertake.

Our size and coverage (we only have a senior team in a few key locations), complete focus (we do not do general consulting) and deep expertise (we all have operational projects), allow us to deliver results.

There are many management consulting firms addressing environmental issues, as well as a multitude of niche environmental consultants & marketing companies. However, we are unique in bringing years of applied experience combining business, technical & regulatory perspectives in one.

Where GCL can make the difference for you

We can help you understand the opportunities and risks in a complex green arena. We enable you to assess, select and pursue the most appropriate carbon reduction & energy efficiency programmes.

We ensure your green strategy and plans will handle future developments and regulations. We continually monitor EU carbon & energy policies, giving us excellent insights on their impacts. We design information solution packages tailored to your needs. We help you audit, measure and monitor carbon emissions.

Finally, our competitive pricing and highly dedicated & motivated team, allow us to truly partner with our clients to deliver a higher added-value where they need it most.

GCL is an advisory firm with offices in Belgium, Germany, The UK and affiliates in Switzerland and Spain.
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