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Carbon Auditing/Management

Overview & Capabilities:

Businesses are under constant pressure from customers, regulators, staff and shareholders to adapt their models to more openly demonstrate a carbon neutral focus.

Measuring, managing and reducing carbon impacts and footprints are, therefore, key challenges for today’s businesses. Developing and implementing, as well as monitoring carbon footprints for a medium or small sized company or organisation is, however, a complex and often daunting task. At GreenCarbonLite, we make sure it’s not and that carbon reductions can deliver value and positioning advantages, combining each unique business situation with its particular carbon management needs…not a one for all.

All our team have in one way or another, been involved in practical carbon reduction and management programmes and we ensure they bring this expertise to bear in delivering this service line.



Carbon management should not be seen as a cost associated with cumbersome compliance and risk mitigation, but as a potential to exploit business opportunities and as a source of innovation and value.

Understanding and managing the carbon footprint is now top of the agenda for successful companies/organisations, as they seek better profit, stronger brands, better services and products and higher social responsibility.

Successful carbon reduction programmes take into account the context of the business, the organisation and its people. The focus is on all parts of the business, not just selective lines, covering carbon content, emissions, energy and waste management, as well as travel. No taboos should be left aside...



  • Emission inventories, covering all aspects of process emissions, transport, energy & waste.
  • Carbon auditing (capture, calculate, evaluate and monitor carbon footprints).
  • Setting targets for reductions and integrating into the overall strategy or “green” plans.
  • Prioritising, planning, communicating and implementing plans.
  • Assessing and developing carbon offset products and services.
  • Assigning investments, evaluating impacts and other abatement opportunities.
  • Aligning reduction plans to energy savings, overall business goals and other operations (e.g. logistics).
  • Embedding carbon auditing process into the organisation and aligning behaviours and resources to ensure carbon management is across the whole business.
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