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Climate Risk & Opportunities

Overview & Capabilities:

Business intelligence, about future regulation/legislation developments whether they are EU wide or locally, can give companies and organisations a competitive edge, especially if this is coordinated within. Managing risk and opportunities of carbon/emission reductions and energy gains that impact climate change, means that businesses need the right timely information, the appropriate advice and a sound understanding of the issues involved.

However, to get ahead in this ever changing policy/regulatory environment, companies and organisations need to know which emerging policies and developments will affect their operations most significantly and how to best anticipate the impacts of future policy changes.

At GreenCarbonLite, we provide a tailored business intelligence and information package designed to provide companies and organisations with insights into current and future policy discussions and initiatives, well ahead of their public airing. We evaluate the risks and opportunities these policies may or will have, in a prioritised way, analysing the impacts relevant to each business needs.

Through our direct access to EU policy discussions and with our knowledge of the distributed impacts of such policies on businesses, we provide a unique monitoring service that follows key issues, such as the evolution of carbon taxes, carbon labelling, green vehicle developments, renewable sourcing….with insights and evaluations to enable companies and organisations to assess their risk and opportunity profiles.



Organisation and company image is increasingly driven by its perception as a model “corporate citizen”, which means being “greener than green”. The risk of not adopting this approach can be significant, with impacts on customers and staff turnover.

Carbon taxes are more and more muted as the next big step in the EU’s actions to mitigate climate change. They are positively viewed as they will provide much needed predictability on carbon pricing, quicker benefits and more transparency than cap & trade schemes. In addition, the current ETS only tackles 45% of European emissions and the Commission is very keen to address the gap in current reviews (environmental tax reform, budget reviews, climate policies, WTO engagements...).


Our Approach includes some or all of the following:

  • Tailored information and business intelligence packages
  • Policy and profiling to understand current state of play, with intelligence reporting and assessments tailored to the company’s or organisation’s business.
  • Developing carbon scorecards to evaluate impacts for operational production, energy sourcing, supply and transportation management.
  • Prioritising actions, mitigation and proactive implementation.
  • Benefit tracking and realisation.
  • Risk and change management planning and monitoring.
GCL is an advisory firm with offices in Belgium, Germany, The UK and affiliates in Switzerland and Spain.
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